• People

    Cowgirls & Pirates founder, Susan Zakin

    Susan Zakin

    Founder: United States

    As a journalist and author, Susan was among the first to write about the extinction crisis. She co-founded Lamu Travel Nature+Culture in 2007, and uses her knowledge of African conservation to curate trips for Cowgirls and Pirates.

    Cowgirls & Pirates project manager, Emily Roberts

    Emily Roberts

    Project Manager: United States

    Emily has worked as a professional singer, radio deejay, and marketing manager for designers, artists, and rare book dealers. Her best times are spent in her family's cabin in northeast Pennsylvania. She manages products and services for Cowgirls and Pirates.

    Cowgirls & Pirates safari partner in Kenya, Mohanjeet Brar

    Mohanjeet Brar

    safari Partner: Kenya

    A fourth-generation Kenyan with a PhD. in plant science from University of Arkansas, as commercial director of Gamewatchers Safaris, Mohanjeet Brar has pioneered community conservation in Kenya. Chairman of the board of Ecotourism Kenya, he also is qualified as a professional guide.

    Cowgirls & Pirates safari partner in Kenya and U.S., Said "Gabriel" Suleiman

    Said "Gabriel" Suleiman

    SAFARI PARTNER: Kenya and U.S.

    Gabriel is a former professional soccer player and a licensed tour guide. His interests range from architecture to outdoor adventure, and he co-founded nature + culture, Lamu's first fair trade ecotourism company.

    Cowgirls & Pirates safari partner Namibia, Garth Owen-Smith

    Garth Owen-Smith


    Garth Owen-Smith first came to Namibia in the 1960s. Today, more than 80 Namibian communities – one in eight Namibians – are actively managing and benefitting from their wildlife through conservancies covering more than 20% of the country, largely because of his efforts with Maggie Jacobsohn.

    Cowgirls & Pirates safari partner Namibia, Maggie Jacobsohn

    Maggie Jacobsohn

    SAFARI PARTNER: namibia

    Margaret Jacobsohn is a PhD. anthropologist who has worked with Namibia's Himba people since the 1980s, creating the world's model for community conservation. She is regarded as family by many HImba people and is co-winner, with Garth Owen-Smith, of the Goldman Prize.

    Cowgirls & Pirates safari partner Madagascar, Gerard Ravojahary

    Gerard Ravojahary

    Safari Partner: Madagascar

    Gerard is the dean of Madagascar's naturalist guides. After living in Switzerland, he returned to Madagascar to work for the World Wildlife Fund and Madagascar Air Tours. He's an expert birder but we love him for his knowledge of remote hot springs and his Johnny Hallyday imitation around the campfire.

    Biologist Chris Cutler

    In Memoriam: Chris Cutler


    Cowgirls & Pirates was conceived with Chris Cutler, biologist extraordinaire, naturalist on expeditions to far-flung destinations, and longtime friend.