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Horseback riding among the elephants by Betsy

Kenya From the Inside

· Africa,nature,Environmental

As a solo & new traveler to Africa, Susan's creative thinking and deep experience yielded a perfect, unstressed trip to several largely unspoiled locations in Laikipia, Kenya. Good planning and local contacts allowed me the freedom to enjoy myself entirely.

In Laikipia, the choice to stay at Suyian Soul gave me a rustic setting, open-air accommodations, abundant wildlife and the opportunity to interact with one of leading conservation families of the region. 

At Sosian Lodge, my night camping out under a world of stars added to the magic I experienced in Africa. Horseback riding kept us alert as we navigated past elephants and other wildlife. 

What was truly different was my visit to the Mpala Research Center, which never would have happened if I'd chosen a "typical" safari. Talking to the people there gave me insight into the importance of ongoing scientific research on complex environmental and wildlife issues to local and international communities. And, never last or least, the food was consistently very good! 

I'd call Cowgirls and Pirates a blend of whimsy, wonder, nature and culture. And I'd do it again.

Betsy Loyless